Top Landscaping Tips For Beginners

29th May 2019

Gardening can be overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner. If you have let your garden become overgrown, or you have moved into a new property, knowing where to start can be next to impossible. However, landscaping doesn’t have to be complicated. These simple landscaping tips for beginners will not only help you improve the look of your property, but also increase its value. Gardening has also been proven to have positive effects on your health – mental and physical.

Our Landscaping Tips

Before you start, consider the look of your garden from the street, but also from the inside of your house. Don’t underestimate how much time you will spend looking out over your yard.

Be selective with plants and flowers. If you don’t have green thumbs or don’t have a lot of spare time, you won’t want to spend every spare second pruning and weeding.

Define your lawn edges. It’s easy to do and makes a huge difference to the look of your yard. You can create a neat separation with a spade or install a physical barrier like timber or stone.

Use a colour wheel to choose flowers. This will help you visualise how your garden might look and give you ideas for opposite colours to create a striking visual effect.

Take care of your lawn. If your lawn has thinned out or has a lot of brown/yellow patches, it may be time to plant lawn seed. There are a number of grass varieties to choose from – chat to your local landscape gardener to check which one will be best for you.

Camden Landscape Designers

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Top Landscaping Tips For Beginners