Spring Landscape Maintenance

24th October 2018
Category Maintenance

Spring is the perfect time to be out in the garden which is lucky because winter can take its toll on your yard. Here are 5 essential spring gardening tasks to get you started.

Essential Spring Gardening Tasks

Fertilise Your Garden – After the icy mornings, your lawn and garden will need a good feed. Slow release lawn fertilizer is best for grass although you can also use compost if you prefer to go organic.

Prune – You’ve probably already pruned away winter damage, but if you haven’t, trim any dead or damaged leaves from perennials. To encourage healthy new growth, prune your spring bloomers immediately after their show.

Weeds – If you don’t want to use chemicals, you can try laying mulch or bark chips down to stop invasive weeds.

Pest Control – With the warmer weather comes pests in ever growing numbers. Get them under control before they set up shop and become a major problem. Remember, not all pests are bad and it’s important to learn the good pests from the bad so you can implement a targeted control program.

Lawn Care – Get your lawn looking it’s best for summer by aerating it with a steel rake. Sow grass seed over bare patches and apply quality fertilise. Don’t forget to water.

Spring Landscapes With Insight

Could your garden do with a spruce up? Spring is also a great time of year to transform your outdoor areas with professional landscaping. Check out our landscaping services – we offer everything from paving and tiling to retaining walls and pool surrounds. Enquire today about our next availability. Covering Sydney and all surrounding areas of the South Coast.

Spring Landscape Maintenance