Unique Landscaping Ideas

15th May 2018

Every homeowner wants their property to stand out. One of the best ways to create a unique look for your home is with landscaping. When it comes to landscape design, the only limit is your imagination. Whatever your vision, whether it’s a themed mediterranean garden, or an extravagant water feature, Insight Landscapes will work with you to bring your dream garden to life. Check out these unique landscaping ideas.

Water Features

A water feature can really make a space come alive. Whether you choose a waterfall, pond, fountain or cascading water wall, a water feature can be strategically placed to blend in with your property and surrounds. We guarantee you’ll be impressed with the soothing properties of running water!

Themed Gardens

One of the most enjoyable types of landscaping to work with is a themed garden. Popular themed gardens include:

  1. Asian-inspired Gardens
  2. Zen Garden
  3. Mediterranean Gardens
  4. English Flower Garden
  5. Contemporary Native Garden

A themed garden adds a touch of the exotic to your home, but before you start planting make sure you speak to an experienced landscape gardener to make sure you have the right conditions for the garden of your choice.


Incorporating separate zones into your landscape creates attractive defined spaces that make use of all your yard and bring it to life. Some ideas for garden zones include:

  1. Children’s area with cubby house and swings
  2. Water Feature section
  3. Meditation zone
  4. Relaxation space with hammock, swing chairs etc
  5. Entertainment Centre with media, tv, bar and seating

No matter what you’re looking for, at Insight Landscapes, we’ve had years of experience working with a wide variety of materials and spaces. We can assist you in creating a beautiful space that is appealing to both you and to visitors on your property. Contact Insight Landscapes, your local South Coast landscape gardener, today to discuss your vision!

Unique Landscaping Ideas