Local Pools & Spas Display Centre

  • Local Pool & Spa Designers
Location: Smeaton Grange, NSW

Specialised Design – Commercial

This featured project is an example of a commercial landscape they have created. It shows the scope of their abilities in landscape design and construction.

The site is Local Pools display centre, which needed to showcase a variety of products without any one overwhelming the others. The area houses five swimming pools, and each holds their own with the others having their separate surrounding area.

Insight Landscapes had to create a design that would make each pool a clear individual to allow between five pools.

The attention to detail on every component of the site makes this project stand out. With five pools in a small area, it would be easy for them to overwhelm the customer looking at them, but Insight Landscapes have used different colours and materials, including timber, tiles and stone, to maintain the boundaries between different products.

Insight Landscapes designed this project in conjunction with the owners, to make sure their needs were met. The result is this amazing, award winning and completely functional display centre.

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