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Landscape Lighting – Sydney & Surrounds

Outdoor lights are an essential part of any landscaping project. The right garden lights will create a relaxing ambience as well as proving to be an important safety feature. Fortunately, we are now spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor lighting and there almost as many options for garden lights as there are for indoor lights. Insight landscapes, your local landscaping company, will be able to help with outdoor lighting ideas in the planning phase of your garden makeover.

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Types Of Landscape Lighting

Outdoor garden lights can transform dull outdoor areas into interesting features. For example, uplighting plants and trees can create a magical mix of light and shadow in your garden. Popular plants to highlight with light include palm trees, gum trees, silver birch trees, bamboo, dragon trees, pittosporum and native grasses.

Other outdoor lighting ideas include gently washing pathways and steps with soft lighting, creating dimension by lighting up a blank wall and lighting up a decked area.

Landscaping lighting is available in LED or Halogen. Outdoor LED lighting is far more energy efficient, but the brighter your lights need to be the bigger the actual globe will need to be. The most important consideration when choosing your garden lights is the quality of the product. We only install reputable brands of outdoor lighting that have a high IP Rating (IP Rating stands for Ingress Protection or International Protection and is an indicator of how waterproof and dustproof a light is.)


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