How To Create A Drought Tolerant Garden

17th March 2020
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Choosing plants for your garden can be difficult at the best of times. In times of drought and water restrictions, it can be even more difficult. Selecting plants that require less water is the obvious first step in creating a water-wise landscape, but there are other steps you can take to ensure your garden continues to flourish in times of drought.

Choose Native Plants

Native plants require minimal water to thrive and are a good option in almost any climate. However, the type of soil in your garden does make a difference to plant selection. Some plants prefer clay, others like sandy soil and there are some plants that do well in combination soil (loam soil for example). There are numerous plants, trees and shrubs that do not require much water. Here are some ideas:

  • westringia
  • lilly pilly
  • callistemon
  • banksias
  • grevilleas
  • dwarf acacias
  • gymea lilies
  • grass trees
  • kangaroo-paw
  • daisies

In addition to saving water, native plants are a food source for birds, bees and insects.

Do You Really Need A Lawn?

Lawns are nice for kids and animals, but they are not very practical. A healthy lawn requires regular watering and a lot of attention including mowing and fertilising. What’s the alternative? You could consider:

  • gravel pathways
  • a rock garden
  • benches
  • sculptures
  • low succulents like pigface

If you do want a lawn, choose a variety that requires less water.

Pay Attention To The Sun

Before you decide the layout of your garden, consider where the sun is at different times of the day and at different times of the year. The idea is to try and keep plants out of direct sunlight for extended periods so some moisture is retained in the soil.

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How To Create A Drought Tolerant Garden