Top Summer Gardening Tips

14th February 2019
Category Maintenance

All gardens require maintenance. Whether you have an expansive professionally landscaped garden or a small DIY outdoor space, you’ll need to keep on top of your garden chores to ensure your garden remains in top condition. We’ve compiled a selection of simple gardening tips, easy enough for even the beginner gardener to handle.

Regular Mowing

To keep your landscape looking flawless your lawns should be mowed frequently. Mowing may be required weekly in the warmer months but it’s a good idea to leave the grass length a bit longer to avoid heat stress.

*Pro tip: Each time you mow, switch up your patterns and directions. This helps keep the grass healthier and more buoyant.

Water Water Water

To keep your garden looking fresh and vibrant, you’ll need to keep the grass, plants, shrubs, and flowers regularly hydrated. Some areas will require hand watering, or you can opt for a hose or sprinkler system. With automatic sprinklers, you can set a specific time for your lawn and gardens to be watered saving money on your water bill.

Keep On Top Of Weeds

Weeds thrive in summer, so you’ll need to be vigilant to prevent them from taking over your garden and lawn. Without careful maintenance and constant attention, weeds can rapidly wreak havoc on your landscaping. Fortunately, nearly all species of weed can be stopped in their tracks. Manual weeding may be required when they’ve grown in and around other plants. Make sure to pull them out by the root to ensure they are permanently eradicated. In the case of really tough or out of control weed growth, you may need to consider an effective herbicide product.

Local Camden Landscape Gardener

With these few simple tips, your landscaping will continue looking lush and healthy all summer long. Discover more summer gardening tips or if you are looking for a local landscape gardener to transform your garden, Insight Landscapes in Sydney is here to help. We have a wide range of landscape design services to choose from and are always happy to answer summer your questions so get in touch with us today.

Top Summer Gardening Tips