Landscape Maintenance: Autumn

16th April 2018
Category Maintenance

Once your garden has been professionally designed and landscaped by a landscape designer, it will require regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. Garden maintenance can feel overwhelming if you try and tackle it as a whole. The simplest way to schedule time in your garden is to break it down into seasons. As we are now well into autumn, we thought we’d post this landscape maintenance post outlining some garden to-dos for the coming months.

Autumn Landscape Maintenance

Autumn is an enjoyable time to be in the garden. The soil is still warm from summer and generally speaking, the winter rains haven’t started yet, making it an ideal time to get planting. Cooler temperatures make it more bearable to carry out maintenance jobs with the searing heat of summer.

6 Autumn Gardening Tips

  1. Fertilise your lawns in preparation for winter.
  2. Mulching will help the soil retain water, reducing the need to water and minimising weed growth.
  3. Rake and compost leaves as needed.
  4. Prune your trees to improve health, encourage growth and prevent infections.
  5. Plant spring-flowering bulbs (tulips, daffodils and jonquils for example).
  6. If you have an area with full sun and good drainage, fruit trees will thrive. Plant them now!

Other Gardening Jobs

Autumn weather allows you to spend more time outside. It’s not too hot or too cold, so you can catch up on all your maintenance before winter sets in. Remove rust from gardening tools with penetrating oil and steel wool, sharpen pruners and disinfect them. Clean your mower and consider taking it in for a service to ensure its blades are sharp for spring.

Another enjoyable DIY project is building a garden bed. Before you decide on a location, consider what you want to plant because different plants (and vegetables) require different levels of sun and shade. Simple instructions for a DIY raised garden bed can be found here, or ask your landscape designer about your ideas for a garden bed in your garden design.

Autumn is also a good time to give your garden a makeover. Talk to your local Camden Landscape Designers today about redesigning your garden.

Landscape Maintenance: Autumn