Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

28th March 2018

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a big backyard to improve the exterior of your home. Even if your space is relatively small, you can still transform your property into a beautiful space provided that you use your creativity and the right landscaping techniques. If you want to boost to the curb appeal of your home, here are some small backyard landscaping ideas you should consider.

Use Smaller Blooms And Shrubs

Planting towering sunflowers and large shrubs is not a good idea as it will make your already small space look much smaller. Instead, choose plants and blooms that match the proportions of your yard and walkway to create the illusion of space. Also, keep your hedges trimmed so your yard looks uncluttered.

Set Up A Division Diversion

Use landscaping to boost your home’s privacy by setting up a low fence or a wall of shrubs. However, be careful not to install a very high wall as it could make your space look cramped. Instead, ensure that all walls or borders facing the street are only as high as your waist to give your yard an open and spacious look.

Make Your Space Cosy

One of the best landscaping ideas for small backyards is to take advantage of the limited space and make your yard cosier than ever. You can do this by building a pergola with overhanging vines or wrapping your backyard fencing roses. Another great idea is to create the ambience of a cabana by installing low-slung seating.

Use Geometric Designs

Long, straight lines can help make a space look bigger than it actually is, especially when the lines meet at a shared, middle point. As such, make use of geometric designs to boost the look of your backyard. One way to do this is to create a three-point perspective in your yard using symmetrical rows of hedges that form a V-shape from your doorway. You can also add symmetrical posts or baskets to either side of your opening to further enhance its look.

Beautify Your Fence

If your yard is surrounded by a fence, make it more beautiful by painting it or adding a few decorative items. This will also give a sense of depth.

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Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas