Landscape Lighting Tips

19th December 2017

Having proper lighting is a must for the interior of your home. But did you know that lighting can help enhance the exterior of your property, too? Installing landscape lighting can add another dimension to the design of your yard or garden. It can make the space more dramatic and appealing. If you’re considering installing outdoor lighting to liven up your property, here are a few tips you should consider.

1. Choose The Best Lighting Option

You can choose from a wide range of bulbs for your outdoor lighting. Incandescent bulbs, for instance, emit a pleasant glow, but they also consume more electricity, and they don’t last for very long. Halogen bulbs and fluorescents are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, and they also come in different shapes and colours. If you’re willing to splurge, you might want to consider LED lights. Although they are more expensive, they last much longer, and they consume little electricity.

2. Consider Your Lighting Placement

Outdoor lighting can be placed anywhere. But if you want to get the best results, here’s one of the best landscape lighting ideas to consider: choose strategic placements for your outdoor lights. For example, you should place lighting on paths because a well-lit path is not only safe, it is welcoming, as well. Gazebos, pergolas, and trellises should also be illuminated as outdoor lighting provides an interesting way to highlight them.

3. Highlight Your Yard’s Architectural Features

You can use lighting to showcase parts of your yard or garden that you want to attract attention. For example, landscape lighting can be utilised to highlight a wall by washing or grazing it. In doing so, you can create interesting highlights and shadows, plus provide accents to nearby plants.

4. Minimise Outdoor Light Pollution

Take note that too much light or poorly installed lighting can contribute to light pollution. To avoid or at least minimise light pollution, you must carefully plan your landscape lighting design. Ensure that lights are positioned properly and use fixtures with reflectors to direct light where you want it to be.

Also, consider using bulbs with low wattage. Those with higher wattage or more powerful bulbs will create harsher illumination without improving the look or safety of your property.

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Landscape Lighting Tips