Themed Garden Ideas

8th November 2017

A garden makes a perfect addition to your home. But what sort of garden should you create? If you ask the experts, many of them will tell you to go for a themed garden!

Building a garden around a specific theme makes it easier for you to identify what type of plants you should you get and how should you lay them out. It also simplifies the process of designing and organising your garden. There are different themes to choose from for your garden. Some of them can be even combined to help you create a garden that’s both beautiful and functional. Let’s take a look at some of these garden themes.

Contemporary Native Garden

As the name suggests, a contemporary native garden utilises plants that are endemic to Australia such as native ferns, Kangaroo Paws, grass trees, Dianella, and Lomandra. It features a clean, minimalist layout, as well as striking feature plants and modern ornaments. One of the best things about a contemporary native garden is that it is very easy to maintain, requiring only minimal water. It can also be tailored to suit any sized area.

When setting up this garden, it’s best to keep it clean and simple to prevent it from looking messy and disorganised. Choose bold and simple colours to create a striking and modern visual effect.

Bush Themed Garden

If you prefer a garden with a more informal look, then you might want to try a bush themed garden. Abiding by only a few design rules, this theme features design patterns that are similar to those found in nature. Common plants used in a bush themed garden include paper daisies, fringe lilies, and feather flowers, as well as native grasses and tussocks like Dianella and Lomandra.

Like the contemporary native garden, this garden theme is quick and easy to maintain. It can also be applied to either a small area or for larger spaces.

Mediterranean Garden

Mediterranean gardens have become quite popular in Australia because of the climate. These do well in coastal areas; they are easy to maintain and don’t require much water.

Mediterranean gardens appeal to those who prefer a more formal garden, utilising plants such as lavender, olive trees, pomegranate, lemon, basil, geraniums and bougainvillaeas. However, this theme can also be combined with a fragrant or edible garden theme as many of the plants it features are either edible or fragrant.

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Themed Garden Ideas